Friday, 18 November 2016

Painful Joints? Exercise may be the Answer

It can come on suddenly, your knee is painful after sitting or driving, or your hips are stiff and it's painful to rise from a chair or climb the stairs. Life becomes more difficult, you can no longer enjoy that long walk with the dog, get out hillwalking at the weekend or stand watching a match. 
Gardening becomes a drag and every day you experience reminders of your aching joints, ageing body and impending limitations. Do NOT avoid activity – get help and advice of what exercise you CAN do to aid recovery.

It doesn’t have to be inevitable, that our shoulders, hips, knee, ankles, feet and hands cause so much discomfort and misery. The right exercises prescribed by your CHARTERED PHYSIOTHERAPIST will help subdue pain by:

Increasing muscle strength and flexibility of soft tissues around the joint, increasing support for the painful joints.

Relieve stiffness by mobilising tendons, muscles and ligaments, which shorten when not used. MOVE IT OR LOSE IT is true. Increasing your joint motion, helps to polish the joint surfaces and release the hardened swelling which can restrict joint motion.

Exercise helps to increase release of synovial fluid into the joint, which is the lubrication fluid within the joint capsule. Synovial fluid carries Oxygen or fuel into the joint and is the source of energy for “well oiled” joints.

Exercises increases the production of substances that dampen down pain. If not exercising, you are more aware of every twinge and ache. Exercise releases the body’s own pain relieving substances, endorphins, so that pain does not register so easily.

Exercise is a necessary component of weight control. Reducing weight helps to relieve pressure on weight-bearing joints, particularly as we age. Hips, knees and ankles are particularly susceptible to increased degeneration if too much weight increases pressure on the joints.

Exercise has been found to increase hormone release in the brain which improves our mood. Mental health benefits accrue from regular exercise as when we are fitter, we feel happier!

Contact your Chartered Physiotherapist for an individual consultation. We will assess your joint range of motion and muscle strength and flexibility, we can determine your aerobic fitness level and we will design a customised exercise programme just for you! Start now, exercise your way out of pain and stiffness and enjoy all the activities you have always loved.

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