Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to Grow old Gracefully

1.     Immediately – Start Now

1.1       SKIN CARE
§  Wear sunscreen all the time. 90% of skin damage is as a result of sun exposure.
§  Use SPF 30
§  Moisturise daily, wash your face twice a day in warm water and use a mild cleanser.
§  Exfoliate dead skin cells gently but often, twice a week is recommended.
§  Moisture lips with lip balm with SPF.

1.2       STOP SMOKING
§  Smoking shortens your lifespan, causes heart disease, lung disease and cancer.

§  You are not your job.  You are not defined by your career.
§  What interests you? What are you passionate about?  Consider travelling, developing a spiritual life, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, explore new interests, develop hobbies which challenge you and keep you interested, such as art, dancing, music, choir, book clubs, walking groups, golf, bridge, joining groups in your interest area, setting time aside to visit the theatre, cinema or festivals. The opportunities are endless for new enthusiasm and new friendships.

2.     Cultivate the attitude

§  You are the age you are now – OWN IT. Be happy that you have survived to this point, embrace where you are and aim to maintain your current functional capacity. Or, improve what you have!

2.2       DITCH STRESS
§  Stress ages you, can make you look 10 years older than you are. It will impair your immune system.
§  It can lead to weight gain, anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease.
§  Stress is unavoidable but how we manage stress is something we can change.
§  Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety significantly. Breathing exercises are beneficial and can be learned.
§  Try not to hold on to old hurts or harbour grudges as these cause stress and can lead to significant emotional and physical problems. Try to approach others positively and not focus on negative comments or slights, that is their problem they are expressing, it does not have to become yours.

§  Be optimistic, it is linked to longevity and better physical and mental health.
§  Being positive about ageing, accepting the inevitable changes, is linked to


§  Staying healthy as you age is easier if you exercise moderately and consistently, every day.
§  A minimum of a daily brisk walk for 30 minutes is sufficient to keep heart health, help in weight loss, maintain bone health, muscle strength, mind  sharp, increase circulation, prevent constipation and much more.

§  Eat to meet the demands of your lifestyle.
§  Ensure diet is low in sugar and rich in vitamins
§  Vitamin E – nuts, seeds, leafy greens, vegetable oil, lowers the risk of stroke and heart attach.
§  Vitamin C – helps in production of Vitamin E. Reduces cancer risk. Repairs Collagen. May reduce risk of cataracts and cardiovascular disease. Available from citrus and potatoes.
§  Vitamin D – helps maintain healthy bones, more essential, as we get older. Available from exposure to sunshine, and from milk and yogurt.

3.3       TURN OFF T.V.  
§  Watching excessive TV is as harmful as smoking to your health, or lack of exercise.
§  Look for activities which are not sedentary to meet the 30 minutes minimum exercise level daily.

3.4       DENTAL HEALTH – Brush your teeth!       
§  Dental decay or infection can increase risk of ill health.
§  Receding gums or dry moth are early signs of risk of decay or infection. Keep up dental appointments, floss daily, brush at least twice a day.


4.1       STAY SOCIALLY CONNECTED           
§  Helps  prevent depression and isolation.
§  Interacting with others maintains neural connections, exposes you to humour, which brings endorphins and maintains brain function.
§  Reap rewards from maintaining old relationships and actively cultivating new relationships for emotional and mental wellbeing.

4.2       TRY NEW EXPERIENCES        
§  New challenges test and push your brain’s limits and enable it to perform better.
§  New neural pathways are created, existing ones are strengthened.
§  Take a different route when driving, try to use your left or non-dominant hand in daily activities, try new activities to have a positive effect on brain function and deter degeneration.

4.3       SLEEP WELL   
§  Sleep disturbance, with lack of sleep or poor sleep pattern can lead to depression, memory loss, impairment of judgment.
§  A minimum of 7 hours sleep is needed, every night.


5.1       WEAR LESS MAKE-UP           
§  Makeup - foundation and power can accentuate wrinkles and make lines more obvious. Wear less blusher, apply to the highest point of your cheekbones, sweeping upwards.
§  Avoid eyeliner or mascara on lower lids but apply to upper eyelids and lashes to open up the eyes.
§  Wear a lip liner to avoid “bleeding” of lipstick into lines around the mouth.

5.2       STAY FABULOUS        
§  Stay true to yourself, if you love long hair, keep it, if you love your hair grey, keep it. Dye it if you prefer blond or brunette.

§  Getting older, stay fashionable, stay interested and interesting! Be Sexual, experience new adventures, maintain a love of life. 

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